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The research computing group provides support and training for computational needs beyond your desktop. Services for researchers include large-scale computing, storage of research data, high-speed networking, consulting and training, and partnering on grant proposals.

The integration of computing resources, software, and networking, along with data storage, information management, and human resources to advance scholarship and research is a fundamental goal of cyberinfrastructure (CI). The mission of the research computing group is to provide leadership in developing, deploying, and operating such an integrated CI to allow CU Boulder to achieve further preeminence as a research university.



Meetup Tutorials Spring 2015
Example code and slides for the Spring 2015 meetup tutorials

Meetup Tutorials Fall 2014
Example code and slides for the Fall 2014 meetup tutorials

Bootcamp Tutorial Materials
Example code and slides for general tutorials, including boot camps

Tutorials Spring 2014
Example code and slides for the Spring 2014 tutorials

Tutorials Fall 2013
Example code and slides for the Fall 2013 tutorials

HPSC Fall 2013
Repository for High Performance Scientific Computing in the Fall 2013

FRCRC 2013
The Front Range Consortium for Research Computing 2013 Python Tutroials

Python Tutorials Spring 2013
Example code and slides for the Spring 2013 tutorials


FRCRC 2013
The FRCRC 2013 Many-Task Computing with Python

Python: data, speed, and parallel computing

SEA 2013
Python for High Performance Computing

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